Kamyi Lee is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary artist who is interested in contemporary and experimental uses of digital media. She focuses on video design, immersive design, light art, architectural projection, and interactive programming in art installations and live performances. Kamyi hopes to forge new relationships between humans and their surroundings by integrating different use of technologies. She explores the possibilities of how art can go beyond two dimensions, and how people can perceive art in alternative world settings.

Her selected previous credits include: A Dream of Light (Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau Arts Festival), Mapping Made in Macao I & II (Tap Seac Square and Mandarin House, Macau Arts Festival), Kiss (dir. Monty Cole, Walt Disney Modular Theater), Kolob (dir. Jodi Porter, Sharon Lund Disney Theater), Dreamscape (dir. Jonghee Woo, Long Beach Pump Festival), Membrane (LA Vortex Dome), Machines and Strings (Isaura String Quartet, REDCAT), If A Tree Listens (Santa Paula Art Museum), The Peach Blossom Land (Walt Disney Modular Theater) and The Galaxy Above you (Automata).

Kamyi is founder of Macau based creative design studio Atelier Cocorico. She is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media for Performance at California Institute of the Arts, United States.